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A game made with Twine 2 (Sugarcube 2); all you need are the files and a browser. Instead of an angel and devil hovering over your shoulder, we'll just go with these five people; that should be a MUCH more accurate representation of how this random person thinks... right?

Well, either way, this game has a branching storyline and multiple perspectives to explore at each point in the story:

  • Minister: Manager and Receptionist (When you put it that way, it sounds like I handle everything...)
  • Enigma: Secret-keeper in charge of NOPE (Hey, give me more dignity than THAT)
  • Clerk: Impromptu record-keeper (im- impromptu?)
  • Fickle: This and that (Hey! I'm a guide too! :( )
  • English: English language stuff (Must our descriptions be so demeaning?)


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